In the early 1960s Douglas Oil Company and Douglas Gas stations had a monthly San Diego drawing for a new Cadillac as first prize, and a new Volkswagen, second prize. I believe the winning ticket numbers were drawn on KFSD-TV, Channel 10 here. There were also additional numbers drawn in case of no-shows. With only about three minutes left before the Caddy would go to the next number, the breathless winner appeared at the gas station. But my dad still won the VW. In this picture my dad and I are in a Douglas commercial, being presented the keys, as the June, 1964 winners, shown on KFSD-TV. This was my first stick shift experience, and I'll never forget stalling out on the eastbound Orange Avenue hill in the 5100 block.  In the print ad version, the caption says that the presentation is being made by "D. E. Parker for the Douglas dealers, while Douglas Dealer John Dormier of College Douglas Service, located at 6491 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, views presentation." -- Owen C. Western '63

What a surprise to see the Wolf Motors photo of the VW giveaway.  That’s my father -- John Dormier -- in the Douglas Oil uniform on the right.  I remember that give away and there was also a Cadillac that was won from his service station in the 1960s.  My dad passed away in 1974 from Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS).   Thanks for the post -- Sheila Dormier ’64

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