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George Parry Turns 88!!

Happy Holidays to All!

Heather Meyer Kenney '62 and Ron Jagodinski '62 share news of their wedding, saying "Quite surely there is goodness in the world."

1960's September Picnic

Great Photos of 1961's 43rd Reunion

You've seen these before, but WAIT -- There's more!! Bob Richardson has obtained permission from photographer Alex Slattery to use her 8 X 10 group photo AND Bob has supplied a PDF identification chart.

57 More Photos of the 1961 Reunion

These are courtesy of Barbara Dumler and are in a Kodak photoalbum. Barbara would like to thank Bob Richardson for helping with the names. This worked great for me on Netscape, but not on Internet Explorer.

More Photos of 1974's 30th Reunion

To access the photos apparantly Jim Morse is suggesting you use his email address ( and Ofoto password (crawford)

Charlie Hegenbart '63 Checks In

Charlie and wife Mary say "howdy" from the Eastern Sierras

Jim Kraus '65 Has His Own Reunion

Two '60 Babes Board the USS Midway

Even More '64 Reunion Photos

More '64 Reunion Photos

These are courtesy of Don Bennett. The password is 1964. This did not work for me using Netscape, so I used Internet Explorer

Class of '64 Says "Aloha" From Bali Hai

1974's 30th Friday Night Reunion Mixer

1974's 30th Reunion

Viewing the photos above requires registering for OFOTO after you access the above link. Type in your email address, then create a password. NO WHINING!!! I did it in a couple of seconds and sat back to enjoy the show. As you will learn, OFOTO will sell you the photos you want online

Roundup 2004

From Whitefish to Concrete

Sam Zolezzi '67 Comes Home

A 1962 "semi-annual partial-class reunion"

A 1964 Mini-Reunion

Impressive Artwork by Paulo Mamede '61

1959 Class members join faculty members in visit to campus

Don Ball '59 and Sharon Bentley '60 celebrate an anniversary

The "April Fool" goes for a glider ride

Frank Culmone '60 Does It "Right"

Larry Dubbs '62 and Friends

Larry Wahlgren's Colt Roundup Photos

Gary Byrnes' Photos of the '63 Reunion

Terry Hall '64 Sends Holiday Greetings

Southern California Wildfires Affect Colts

Two "Wild and Scenic Guys" from '64

A Class of 1961 Mini-Reunion

Class of 60's 2003 Picnic

63's Carole Shannahoff Wolanow Sends Her Regrets

1963's 40th Reunion

Class of '63 40th Reunion "Icebreaker"

John Fry '62 and his trusty steed "Big Red" challenge Miss Budweiser

'62 Grads Ron Jagodinski and Heather Meyer Kenney plan nuptuals

Terry Hall '64 at Windansea Historical Surfrider Luau

LorenWatson '65 at Niagara Falls

Colts Show Off Cars at Boll Weevil Roundup

1961's Bill Copeland Works For the Germans -- in Palo Alto!

"Still Alive From '65" -- Glenn Noble and Mike Hasson reunite in Las Vegas

The Colts Meet The Bears -- Another Excellent Adventure from Ron and Dave

'67's Paul Cohen Checks In From Hawaii

Spring Fling 2003

"Sisterhood of Hags" Descend On San Juan Capistrano

Colt "Originals" Luncheon (Think 1959)

26 Miles Across the Sea

1959 Varsity Athletes Gather

61's Jim Smith Gets A Brick 

More Class of '62 Reunion Photos

Hag Luncheon

'65 Dines!

Class of '62's Dinner and Dance

Class of '62's 40th Reunion Cocktail Party

2002 Baseball Alumni Dinner

The Adventure Continues . . .

Class of '62 Post Graduate Sports Activities

George Parry's Birthday Party

62 Floozies

"Hey -- We Were 8 Under Par!"

Ron and Dave's Excellent Adventure

Class of 60's 41st Picnic

Steve Kramer In Drag

Look Who Snuck Into 1960's Reunion


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