Balboa Park Miniature Railroad

Ron Jagodinski 62 stands by the miniature railroad engines in Balboa Park in September of 1952 

My mother's sister, Hazel Camren, never married. Born in San Diego 1921, she was the first of three girls and one boy. There are six first cousins and we all thought of her as our second mom. She had the patience of a saint and took us on all kinds of outings like the Balboa Park museums, zoo, movies at the old Fox theater, rides on the San Diego-Coronado ferry and train rides to Del Mar and back, just to name just a few. She is mostly responsible for getting me interested in photography. She took these photos of the Balboa Park Miniature Railway in 1948 with an Argus C3 -- her only camera for years. I think someone in the family still has it. She Went to Horace Mann High School when it was at the intersection of Park and El Cajon Blvd. She graduated from San Diego High. She also went to the school that's at Park and Meade. She worked in the county administration building for a long time. Hazel passed away December 23, 2008. She was a very sweet and kind woman who will be greatly missed Bill Ross 65

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