"I Remember It Well"

Hi John,
My recollection is that the Class of '62 graduated on a very hot Thursday, June 16, 1962. Correct?? Do you have a way to verify without going to any trouble??

Lynn is absolutely correct. Unfortunately it was boiling hot under our robes, and I seem to remember that the boys in my neighborhood shouted “No, Jumbo, No! No!” as my name was announced. This was followed by an enormous, er, sound of an elephant doing something dreadful. Blushing only made my temperature rise.

Actually I have the yearbook in my hand and it says June 14

If my mind is still working well, I believe Lynn is right. Again, though if it's not, oh well. Take care, I'll wait for the confirmation from the majority.

You can forward on to Lynn that there had been a light rain that afternoon and early evening and that the rain had stopped long enough for us to have the graduation ceremony. (Just as planned.) I do not remember the actual date.

First things first...you had a nice mention in the UT last week...quoted your book on the history of Crystal Pier...I was so proud! As for our graduation...I recall it was at the bowl at SDS...in the evening and since I recall what I wore, I think it was pretty warm. Take good care

(Thanks Gayle -- I didn't even know about it. It was part of an article on walking. You can check it out on SignOnSanDiego. You'll have to scroll down to the bottom.)

I have a picture and it was really sunny and warmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It was very hot. We came home to a brush fire going right to our fence and all jumped out of the car and got the hoses.

I don't remember it being especially hot, what I do remember is having horrible June gloom, so bad that up until the last moments before graduation they talked of having it in Peterson gym. Just shortly before the graduation was to begin the weather cleared so that it could take place in the bowl at State.

Actually, we graduated 43 years ago tonight, June 14, 1962. I can remember this date because this is Flag Day!??! Yes, it was hot, but the ground in front of the stadium seats was damp. I remember this because the choir sat on the lawn in folding chairs. How do I remember you are probably asking yourselves? Easy, when I sat down with my plump body, my chair started to sink into the ground. And the 3" heels we wore also made an indentation on the moist soil! (Even the trim girls.) Ah, yes, pleasant memories from high school . . . !!! But you know, we all survived and can laugh about it tonight. Happy anniversary Class of 1962.

Penny McKean
60 yrs old and still laughing

We graduated Thursday, June 14 at 8:00 pm at the Open Air Theater - Greek Bowl at SDSU. I kept my invitation and other "stuff" from our senior year.

(Check out Judy's program from the Senior Luncheon at the Stardust Hotel in Mission Valley as well as her candid photo of the "accident" that befell Shirley Bos)


O. K. -- Here's the real deal!!!

The really HOT day I had in mind was actually our promotion ceremony at Horace Mann, which was held on an outdoor field. Oh, how soon we forget. Anyway, thanks for the nice dialog and staying in touch -- and helping me recall the facts.

Lynn Routt Swanson '62

Am I the only one wondering why Lynn brought this up?

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