Frontier Housing 1950

Looking north across the intersection of Midway and Kemper in 1947.  Frontier Drive -- today's Sports Arena Blvd. -- comes in from the right and becomes West Point Loma Bvd.  (Photo by Howard Rozelle)
With data at the individual level now out from the 1950 census, I checked out Aztec Villa, where I lived from about 1947-1950, and had a big shock. San Diego State faculty were only a small percentage of the heads of households. I now believe that Aztec Villa was a name made up by those faculty. Census Enumeration District 72-138 was where most lived. Of the 114 households there in 1950, 21 were headed by San Diego State faculty, or about 18%. There were many whose occupation was listed as “Student,” then lined out (presumably not an acceptable occupation). I assume most of these were at State.  

Here's a listing, by street, of the faculty, with their department:
Brown: R. N. Cossel (Education), D. F. Aikinson (Commerce), M. F. Stough (Education), O. E. Klapp (Sociology), G. K. Anderson (Economics), W. M. Kidwell (Administration), W. McBlair (Biology/Life Sciences), J. R. Felton (Economics), R. Halley (Math), J. R. Schunert (Education), A. E. Shields (Psychology), H. Walba (Chemistry), M. H. Schrupp (Education).
Holyoke: L. E. Chadwick (Economics), C. W. Benton (Physical Education), Frank Scott (Physical Education), R. W. Richardson (Geography), G. Ziegenfuss (Physical Education).
Ann Arbor: none
Dartmouth: D. A. Preston (Biology/Life Sciences), W. L. Strauss (Political Science).
Kemper: E. Shelan (Biology/Life Sciences).
Midway: E. F. De Brect (Extended Education)
Gonzaga: F. Kasch (Physical Education)
Things were changing fast -- homes were being built, people moving into them. We left Aztec Villa in the fall of 1950 and moved into the new house on Hardy my folks had built. The Kaplans (O. Kaplan, Psychology) had lived on Holyoke but moved to La Mesa a little before the census. C. Merzbacher had lived on Brown but moved to Hardy a little before the census (his wife, Helen, taught at Crawford). Many wound up living near State and had kids at Crawford, including me and my sister, Margaret (’59), Polly, Sally, and Jane Schunert, Jim and Dick Schrupp, Fritz, Ken, Valerie, and Lynn Ziegenfuss, Steve, Bob, and Dave Kaplan, Merrie and Curtis Klapp. Any others — Kidwell maybe?


Ah, the great memories of coming to San Diego in 1948 from Minneapolis and moving into Aztec Villa with other faculty families.  Fritz Ziegenfuss and I were friends there, also Bob Richardson.  My dad was starting in the Education Department after he and mom graduated from the University of Minnesota in the mid ‘30s.  Dad was in the Navy during the war.  Fritz and Bob and I and others ended up in the SDSC Campus Lab School a few years later and then together at Crawford -- Jim Schrupp '61


I spent some time scaling and aligning a 1953 aerial photo of the area with the Google Maps satellite image. The tip of the arrow in each photo points to 3384 Holyoke — my house. As you can see, today it would be just in front of the entrance to Home Depot. Most of our Aztec Villa homes are buried in the footprint of Home Depot -- Bob Richardson ’61

With some difficulty I found the 1950 enumeration district map of the Aztec Villa area online. My two ?? streets aren't even shown, so I'm going with them being part of Brown. That area has the number 34 in it, but I don't see that number in the census pages. Maybe they're census blocks (a subdivision of a census tract).

Frontier Housing 1948

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