A few weeks ago Bill "Cappy" Paxton '66 sent me the above photo he took at San Diego State College in 1968. I believe he said it was part of a photo assignment and that he'd send a bunch more photos once he figured out how to operate his scanner. Sadly, that apparently hasn't happened. Anyway, I've been staring at the photo all this time and scratching my head. I graduated in '66, but was around a few years for some graduate work. Still the photo didn't look quite right to me.. Eventually my eyes wandered over to "S Mountain", better known as Cowles Mountain and I said "Eureka"!!. Didn't look like no S to me, unless the people at ToysRUs were involved. I flipped the photo and liked it better. Check it out below.
Click HERE to check out the aerial view of the campus from the 1968 Del Sudoeste

That is the Love Library being built, the Administration Building on the left, and Greek Bowl in the foreground -- Stephanie Steel Johnson ’74

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